Samsung Tablet Battery Icon with a red x Fix 11

Today I would like to look at the issue of a Samsung Tablet Battery Icon with a red X and how to fix it. So if your Samsung tablet is not charging.Plus displays the Red X cross on Battery Icon when plugged in this fix should work for you. Especially if you are using a generic charger or wall brick that you got from somewhere.You know the ones that fit on the end of the USB cable and fits into the wall. It normally works so you simply use it but now you have this issue.

What does the Battery Icon with Red X mean?

The battery icon with red x indicates that the device is not charging or is a not charging icon.

Why am I seeing the Battery icon with Red X ?

This icon only appears on Samsung Tablets or other devices when the wrong charger is connected. Samsung based tablets detect if the charger is a original Charger and if not limits the chargers power and displays the not charging icon or the battery icon with the Red X. The device then does not charge because of the low power or amperage of the charger.

Samsung Tablet Battery Icon with a red x

Whats Happening Exactly?

When Samsung detects and limits a non original charger the charger only is allowed to deliver about 0.4 or 0.5 Amps of power. The normal charger supplies about 1.35 Amps of power and will charge the tablet fine. For comparison your computer regular USB 2.0 ports supplies about 0.5 Amps of power.

How to fix Samsung tablet not charging?

To fix Samsung tablet not charging Issue with Red X you simply need to in most cases is to get a Original OEM Samsung tablet charger  that works with your model tablet. If you were using a generic charger brick that’s not from Samsung as was mentioned above Samsung tends to limit the power most likely for your own safety.

Other things you can try:

You may also try any of the following in an attempt to fix your problem although getting a new charger tends to fix this issues:

1. Reboot the tablet, do this by long pressing the power button and power off and then on again.

2. If you are using the original charger make sure its functioning correctly and the USB cable has no shorts or breaks in the wires in the cable that may affect charging.

3. If you have a friend with a similar device you can confirm its the charger or cable by simply borrowing their charger.

4. If you have a battery bank you can use the USB end and try charging from that and see if that also works as a workaround.

Now you are much clearer on what the Samsung Tablet Battery Icon with a red x means and how to deal with it on your device. Please share your experience below and tell me how things turned out for you. Also please remember to share this post and consider subscribing and checking out more articles on this website.


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11 thoughts on “Samsung Tablet Battery Icon with a red x Fix

  • Gabby Manor

    My tablet started to showing the X. When I moved the cable around, in the charging port, trying to place it well, it would go away. But I ended up damaging the charging port. So I replaced it. Now I still have the same problem. This is so annoying. I will buy a new charger. Hopefully it will work. Thanks for the article.

  • Gerald

    It was not very helpful!
    It is obvious that the original will work.
    Would be much more helpful to get information what Samsung is doing to prevent using gerneric chargers…..

  • Sabrina

    Mine has the red x, when I go to reboot, it goes into download mode and wont leave that till the charge runs out. No rdboot will work at all! I have tried everything I can find and nothing works. Did a total wipe did not work. Virus and malware check, did not work. Ugg what can it be?

  • Vic

    I have a Tab2 and I have this red cross problem for more then two years now. I have always been using OEM products to charge. Now my Tab4 has the same problem! I think it is the OS causing this problem. I never found an official Samsung answer/solution on this problem online.

      • EmMa PiXi 1886

        Hi Ricardo, ive had my Samsung Galaxy Tab A for less than 7 days, i got it brand new direct from the virgin warehouse so not a refurbished or second hand tablet.
        The tablet also came with all the correct and approved Samsung charging equipment yet from my first attempt trying to charge it ive had problems.
        If i put the device on charge using just the wire attaching the USB end directly into my computer or by using the wire and wall plug the only way i can successfully charge my tablet it is to completely switch it off and keep it switched off until its fully charged again.
        If i try to charge it whilst keeping the power on and/or whilst its still in use, it does not matter which method i try to use ( charging using the wire only or the wire and wall plug ) i cannot get it to charge all i get is a red X over the battery icon.
        Even though i know its the correct wire and everything else i have tried all of your suggestions without any success, do you have any other ideas about how i could try to fix this issue, all and any suggestions ( sensible only ) will be gratefully received.
        many thanks,

        • James

          Emma PiXi – I have the same issue here with my daughters Tab 10.1

          Exactly the same issue. It only started to happen when we had periods where she let the battery drain down below 5% or so and then we had to go through various tips to get it charging again. After that occurred several times I installed a battery low alarm so she would know when it was too low and quickly put it on charge.

          However since we got the charging to work again we now have the issue you’re describing, whereby the low power trickle charge from a USB port on a PC/laptop will charge the tab but charging it from a wall socket won’t work. Also experience the same issue whereby it won’t charge while switched on.

          Very frustrating