The iPhone Could Not Be Restored. An Unknown Error Occurred (2003) Fix

OK guys I would like to look at the error that occurs when you try to restore your iPhone and you see the message:The iPhone Could Not Be Restored. An Unknown Error Occurred (2003). This is a fairly common issue and you might think the error occurs as your iPhone cannot be restored at all, but this is far from the truth,continue reading to see how to fix this issue.

Why does this error occur?

This error occurs in most cases because while the computer is attempting to restore the phone there is an error in the connection between the phone and the computer or the after market cable is just crap and messes up the process. The error message itself gives you no clue of this which can leave you having no idea how to fix the problem.

Other forms of this Error:

This error may show up also as the following error numbers so if yours is a bit different this will still apply. Those numbers include: error 2003, 2005, and 2006.

The iPhone Could Not Be Restored. An Unknown Error Occurred (2003)

How to fix this error?

To fix this error you will need to:

1. Make sure you are using the original Apple cable.If you are using an aftermarket brand cable switch back to the original. You can get one here.

2. If you are using the USB ports on the front of the computer switch to the more reliable ones in the back of the PC.Make sure nothing else is preventing proper communication between your phone and the PC.

Final Thoughts

So that’s how you fix The iPhone Could Not Be Restored. An Unknown Error Occurred (2003) issue and similar errors with your iPhone or Apple device. If this worked for you please share in the comments below what was the error you were getting and what exactly worked for you in fixing this error. As always please do check out a few more articles and share this post on social media with friends. See you in my next article.

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