What happens to my Payoneer balance after I renew a expired Card?

If you are concerned about what will happen to your hard-earned money after your Payoneer card that has a balance expires then you having nothing to worry about. So today we will be looking at:What happens to my Payoneer balance after I renew an expired Card? In this article I will try to answer some common concerns from the perspective of a user who has been using the card for a while but has never had the need to go through the process of a renewal.

What Happens after an old Card Expires?

When an old Payoneer Card expires or is about to expire you will be given notice about 3 months in advance. You can request a new card that will be sent to you very quickly in my case. The card should be the new version which tends to look much different from your current card and in my case feature improved technology. I also notice that my new card is marked with the currency it contains in my case: USD currency. This marking works well when you have Payoneer in other currencies such as Euros and Pounds.

When the new card arrives activate it and sign the back of the card as you did the last card.

What happens to my Payoneer balance after I renew a expired Card

What about my previous Balance?

Your previous balance will be transferred to the new debit card from Payoneer after a few hours. After which the old Card will no longer function. You need to give this time, Payoneer says it will take 2 hours but this may take longer depending on the time of day and whether its a week day, holiday and so on so keep the old card on hand and give it more time than stated.

What happens to my Payoneer balance after I renew a expired Card

Will I need to change or update My payment information to get payed with the new Card?

Now another headache is that you might think you will need to update your banking information Given to Payoneer with Places you work online that normally pay you. well you don’t have to. Payment methods and everything will be transferred over to the new card automatically.

What If I did not have a Balance and my Card has not been used for a long time?

In such a case where your card has not been used for a long time and/or you do not have a balance you will not get the option in your account to renew your card it seems. You will most likely need to give Payoneer a call.

How long does a Payoneer Card Last till Expiration?

A Payoneer debit Card will be good for 3 years after which they will expire. They also work and have similar technology as a regular Master Card except it’s a debit card and funds have to be preloaded from companies you work with online before you can use it.

My Experience with the Renewal Process:

I had to recently request a new Card and I had a balance of several hundred dollars. The card was sent out and delivered promptly to me, activation was easy and so far I am waiting for the transfer of my balance to complete. The new card is activated and my old card is still showing the balance while the new card is showed in red. will wait and see if the transfer portion of the process goes smoothly as it should. As well as receiving future Payments on the new card.

I will update you guys on the progress later or you can simply ask your questions below and In the comments and I will gladly answer any of them that I can. So guys this is Ricardo saying goodbye until next time my friend.





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