Fix Android Phone keyboard that’s not working 2

If you have an issue with an Android Phone keyboard that’s not working and is having issues of any kind such as the Keyboard is missing, crashing with messages that unfortunately the Keyboard has stopped, not showing up or working as it should.So if the above sound like your situation the following fix will work regardless of what brand phone you have the issue on.

How to fix the Issue?

Fix Android Phone keyboard that's not working

1.Go to settings.

2. Then go to Apps or Application and then Application Manger.

3.Now swipe right and go to All where you should see all Apps.

4.Now look for a setting that’s labelled Keyboard and is based on the Keyboard that you are using or after the device brand that you are using. This varies from phone to phone and may have names such as: Samsung Keyboard, LG Keyboard, Google Keyboard and so on.

5. From here you can now choose the option to: Clear data and cache. Additionally you can force stop the App.

When finished simply restart the phone and everything should be good once you reboot.The Keyboard should start appearing or behaving as it normally would.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you were able to fix Phones Keyboard that’s not working, please share this article if it was helpful and do leave a comment below and ask any question you like and so on.

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2 thoughts on “Fix Android Phone keyboard that’s not working

  • Gayle Stanfill

    No keyboard listed under all apps. But I found that I have a choice of three “keyboard” set ups and had somehow switched to one not as compatible with my phone. :-). You got me pointed in the right direction and have helped me in the past. Thanks