iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working Fix

The title of this article pretty much sums up this issue where the iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working. If this is happening to you then try the following steps to fix the issue and fix your device to bring it back to full functionality easily.

Description of the issue:

When you are experiencing this issue of the iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working you will have issues with the display such as when you are to swipe up to unlock on the lock screen after your device is opened doing the swipe gesture will not unlock or bring you to the home screen as it should.Also trying to swipe notifications will not work as well on the lock screen sometimes. When you try to slide to power off as well you can’t as the sliding gesture will not register.Face ID may also stop unlocking your device.If your device is unlocked it may work OK but when scrolling through apps only every other swipe is registered as things are intermittent.

If the phone is cold or you are experiencing cold weather this may trigger the issue where the touch screen or swipe gestures are not working as they should.This is however only for a some devices and not all cases of this issue.

iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working

How to Fix iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working?

In order to fix the issue as described above a forced reboot or Hard reboot is needed, to do this :

1. Press Volume up button and let go.

2,Press Volume down button and then let go.

3.Now finally press and hold the lock button and hold until you see the apple logo.

Please note you may not get it on the first attempt so repeat if necessary and remember to hold the lock button. By doing the above you can imitate the force restart.

Update your device:

Updating to the latest version of iOS can also help in fixing this issue or reducing the chances of it happening in that the update has improvements that addresses the touch screen issue.

Why did this work?

This worked because when your force restart the device all the phones internals are also forced to re-calibrate and start afresh thus fixing the iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working. Seeing also that the touch screen is not working to power down the phone there are few other ways to power down the device in these situations.

Final Thoughts

I do hope the issue is now fixed for you of your iPhone X touch screen or Swipe gesture not working. Be aware that the issue may be triggered initially by sudden changes in weather when things get cold. With all that being said please share your thoughts blow and share this article. I also suggest that you check out some more of our articles.


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