Asus X540S Review

The Laptops keep rolling in for review this month. For review today I have the Asus X540S which is great looking and lightweight Laptop from Asus. I recommend it for school, home or office work which includes document preparation, homework or even multimedia needs. Its priced well under $300 and for the price it’s not […]

Asus X540S


A friend of mine recently asked me to help him in finding a cheap and affordable android phone and luckily I came across the JIAKE M8 in my search and decided to give it a try. This Android based phone is priced way under $100 bucks US and in my opinion is a steal of […]


raspberry pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2

You might be wondering what the heck is a raspberry pi? for one it sounds like a bad name for an electronic device but it is cute. All jokes aside a raspberry pi is a mini computer that can fit in the palm of your hand they are very portable as they are about the […]