Cloudflare Content delivery Network & why you should use it with HostGator right now 4

A friend of mine recently pointed out that I was not getting the best speed possible from my website and that I could have better website performance for my users if I used a content delivery network to improve the browsing experience of my users especially those in far away countries and he recommended CloudFlare […]

content delivery network

keyword research

Free keyword Research the Simple way 4

To start today’s article off I thought I would focus on Keyword Research and why every webmaster and blogger should do this before they start an article. Personally I for one when I first started blogging would dread the very idea of keyword research as I though most of the tools out there were too […]

Has Google Panda Gawn soft?

Recently the latest update to Google Panda was release and usually many bloggers start to get Paranoid around this time. But this episode there was a twist to the Panda update from the search giant, dubbed Google Panda 4.0 this latest installment instead of been merciless like its predecessors was actually much more forgiving and […]

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