32 inch tv sale

32 inch TV sale for $159 2

Hey guys I am on a roll this week as after finding the last cool deal I started to shop around for myself and found a 32 inch TV sale for $159 which I just had to buy, I could hardly believe the price myself I mean I have bought computer monitors that cost more […]

pc to tv

PC to TV Entertainment Setup

I current run my Gaming PC as part of a PC to TV setup which is a part of the houses entertainment system which is great as the entire household can enjoy Gaming, movies and everything they they like on our 47 inch LG TV set and this actually makes everything about the PC better […]

how to program rca remote

How to Program RCA Remote Easily 12

We all have been there for some reason your original Television set remote for some reason has bit the big one and does not work anymore and you decided to get a replacement universal remote for your TV set. But for some reason when you first get your new remote or later on you can’t […]