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For today’s article we would like to look at a fix for those users who are stuck in download mode with the message on-screen: Downloading… Do not turn off target. If you end up in this mode by mistake it can be really annoying as there is no indication on how to exit this mode, plus the message on screen indicates you should not turn off the target which can add further confusion. By the end of the article I will be showing you how to exit this mode or fix the issue.

Devices this may happen to?

This can happen to any Samsung Galaxy smartphone old or new where you see the message do not turn off target on the screen which may leave you very confused as what to do.

The devices that can be affected include and are not limited to: Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7 edge and older and even future versions of Samsung devices as the feature is always built into these devices.

Downloading... Do not turn off target

How to fix this Issue?

It’s quite easy to fix this issue or get your device out of download mode, to do this simply:

1. When the screen as seen above with the text: Downloading… Do not turn off target appears and you either see a down arrow or a picture of the Android guy on-screen.

2. Simply hold down the power button+ Home button and Volume down all at the same time.

3. As soon as the device display goes black or blank you can let go and simply allow the phone to boot as normal.

How did I get to that screen?

If you are wondering how you got to that screen so as to prevent it another time simply read this article here.

Whats the function of this mode?

This mode is meant for allowing Samsung devices to be flashed with the aid of supported software programs.

If you are reading this you probably activated the mode by mistake after pressing the right combination of buttons on startup of your device and ended up in this mode as a result.

A fairly common issue for some users and it can get really confusing when you see this mode and have no clue how you got here. I hope the article was able to help you in finding a solution to your issue as I did when I first encountered this issue. Please subscribe or leave a comment below on this article as it would be greatly appreciated.


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