Welcome to BlogTechTips.com my friend, my name while you may not know it right now is Ricardo Gardener, I am the creator, owner and sole manager of this beloved technology based blog.In other words: This site is owned and operated by Ricardo Gardener.

Who am I you may ask? Well I am a professional Teacher, technology enthusiast and a blogger. I also dabble in graphic design, photography and video editing as I run my own YouTube channel. Also did I mention I am a PC gamer and I build my own Liquid cooled gaming rigs as one of my many other hobbies.


This blog was created as a hobby and a means of expressing myself, my love of technology and a method of extending my reach in helping others make solid decisions when it comes to technology.

I often find myself giving advice (or) tips on tech and repairing friends, family and complete strangers’ gadgets on a daily basis, so blogging about technology came naturally to me when introduced to it by a friend.

My goal with this blog is to help those who may not be so tech savvy solve simple to complex problems with their gadgets and other technology. My aim is also to help you in making informed decisions when seeking new gadgets you may be unsure about. If you have a tech need I would like to fill it here at BlogTechTips.com

This Blogs Mission

BlogTechTips.com was created on January 18, 2014 to aid ambitious individuals from all walks of life to become more proficient in technology. This website aims to achieve this by providing invaluable tips that will fix visitors gadgets, solve their technology  problems, make them more knowledgeable and in the process save them money. The information contained herein will be now and forever totally free of cost.