LG TV Black screen Fix

It happened again the TV has an issue and your mind is racing with what could be the problem exactly. The screen is black and you are getting nothing from it. This LG TV Black screen Fix will show you what to do and how to solve said problem for your LG Smart TV.

What devices does this Apply to?

This applies to any and all LG based TV sets. It can even work on other brands too. Simply follow the directions as outlined here and you will be good.

Why is My LG TV Black?

The black screen problem happens a lot and applies to LG based TV sets too. If residual static electricity builds up in the TV from natural use then the Black screen can appear.

You will need to drain this residual electricity to fix the problem. I show you the process below.

Video Tutorial:

See my Video tutorial that will help you in fixing this issue or you can read the written directions below.

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How to Fix the Black Screen Problem on your LG TV set?

In order to fix this problem do the following:

1.Unplug your LG TV set from the its power source.

2.Locate the Power button on the LG TV Set (Not the one on the Remote). Pro Tip:Look just below the LG logo lower side of the TV.

3.Press and hold the power button while the TV is unplugged and hold for 60 seconds.

4.Plug the TV back in and it should power up with picture as normal and problem fixed.

5.If this does not work the first try repeat at least 3 times. Sometimes it takes several attempts proper to fix the issue.

Also Try the following:

If the above fails then do the following:

1.Unplug your LG TV.

2.Press the power button and hold for 60 seconds.

3.Leave it unplugged over night or at least 24 hours.

3.Power on the TV and it should power up with picture as normal.

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