How to Turn off Soap Opera Effect on LG TV

So in this article learn How to Turn off Soap Opera Effect on LG TV. This will be demonstrated on a LG ThinQ Ai based TV. So if you have the effect on and you are noticing it and want to get rid of it the you have come to the correct place.

If you also have a question you can ask it below in the comments as I would gladly answer or maybe another user may be able to shed light of your situation.

What is the Soap Opera Effect?

The Soap Opera Effect is basically a up scaling of images or video on your TV. It makes for smoother looking sporting events but can make Animated cartoons look extra Animated or Movies to look like they were shot with a hand held camera.

The effect is loved by some and hated by others. The best part is though that it can be turned off on all Tv sets including LG based Tv sets.

How to Turn off the Soap Opera Effect on LG Tv?

This was written with the LG UHD AI ThinQ TV in mind.

1.On your LG Tv go to settings or gear icon.

2.Go to all Settings.

3.Select Picture.

4.Select Mode, this should be on APS. Select FILMMAKER MODE.

You should notice that all content looks normal now as it should on a standard TV set which is what you desired in the first place. If your TV is a bit different you simply need to look under Picture settings and find a way to change the picture mode. Try different modes until the Soap Opera effect is turned off.

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