Jetpack We were unable to get your stats just now Please reload this page to try again Fix

You go to your wordpress website and try loading your Jetpack website stats and low and behold you get a error that reads: We were unable to get your stats just now Please reload this page to try again.

This is not one of the more pleasant errors so you think its a fluke and reload a few times. The error persists and you start to get worried as you need to see your stats.

If the above sounds like you then welcome to the club. In this guide I break down this error and what you can do to fix it.

Whats the cause of this error?

Believe it or not this error can be cause my a major WordPress error, Browser issue or a Internal issue unique to your website. Regardless follow the steps in the order given below to remedy the situation.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video guide and see what you can do to fix this problem on your WordPress website.

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How to Troubleshoot the Problem?

1.Go ahead and use a secondary browser to log into your website. If the error does not happen on the secondary browser its then the fault of your main browser. If the problem is the same on another browser you have a bigger issue.

2. Go back to your main browser and clear the cache of the browser. The settings varies between browsers but look under settings, options or preferences,go to the privacy section and look for cookies and clear your browser cookies and or site data.

3.Try to login again to your website and see if the problem continues. If it does then the problem is most likely with WordPress itself or your website. If you recently did a big update of WordPress that may be the cause, in such a case you will have to wait for a Jetpack plugin update.

Your other option if its a issue with your website itself is to talk with your hosting provider and ask for help.

4.This is a Workaround that I found that usually works. If you are looking at Jetpack left panel and clicking on site stats and the error is appearing then try this instead: In the left panel WordPress beneath Jetpack click Dashboard.

The stats should load no issue and you can see your website data. Additionally if you want you can go over to and see even more detailed stats.

How well did I do?

Was the guide helpful with this problem or not? You will find that ever so often you will run into this problem. The solution should work regardless of when you are having this problem. So looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

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