Authentication is Required Cable Box Fix

So this one is for any one with a Digital Cable box or cable box and you are getting the Authentication is Required message with request for the password or PIN.

This can happen on a single channel or on all your channels. This guide on Authentication is Required Cable Box Fix will show you how to deal with the problem on any Flow Cable Box or similar branded device.

You may have run into the problem or pressed the wrong combination of buttons some how and the lock engaged and you don’t know the PIN or how to turn it off to start viewing your channels again.

The Issue:

Your cable box will say on screen: Authentication Required Please enter Parental control PIN. The issue is that you may not know the PIN as you never entered one in the first place and you only have three tries to get it correct.

Along with the fact too that everything was working fine on the cable box but suddenly something happened such as someone pressing some random buttons and it has locked the cable box channels and is asking for the PIN.

Video Tutorial:

My video guide will show you all you can do in order to get rid of this problem on your Cable Box.

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How to Fix this issue on your Cable Box?

So for those that have the Parental lock on your channels and asking for the password this is what you do.

1.On any channel asking for the Password enter the following Password:1234

That should do it in fixing the problem for most and channels will be back and unlocked. The additional steps below are optional and useful only in some cases.

2.To control or turn off the parental lock or if you have another issue such as too many attempts you may have to do this.

Press the large button in the middle of the remote that says F or menu beside it.

3.Move all the way to the Right through the menu and stop on the icon with the Padlock.

4.Disable all the enabled parental blocks so the lock will not affect your channels again. The PIN is 1234 in this case too.

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