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So you are getting the Amazon Fire Tablet Moisture Detected error and it affecting the use of your device as you cant charge. In most cases too you may be one of those who never had your device beside any moisture which makes the error that much more puzzling.

As I go on today I will explain this error and why you may be facing it as well as what you can do to fix it as well?

Moisture Detected Warning:

This Amazon Fire Tablet Moisture Detected warning may be a genuine warning in case your device fell into some water or it could be moisture from your hands that triggered the warning.

In some other cases this warning may be because of a error and there is no moisture but the system thinks there is. The system is in place for your device protection but it does malfunction from time to time.

Video Tutorial:

My video goes into details and shows you how to deal with the problem.

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How to Fix the Problem?

Do the following to get rid of the Moisture detected warning to charge again.

1.Go ahead and make sure there is no moisture in the charge port. Use a piece of toilet paper and fold it carefully and clean the charge port.

2.Remove the last two Apps you installed and see if that helps. Sometimes this error is triggered by a particular app.

3.Power off your Tablet and have the charger on standby, when you see the first logo on boot plug in the device. This way your device will charge regardless of the error or not.

The error will go away over times sometimes if one of the above did not fix the issue. Let me know how things work out as it relates to this problem in the comment. Please share and see you in the next one.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Fire Tablet Moisture Detected

  • bob

    my sullution was plug it in and ignore the beeping, but these are perfect alternitives. i really wish i could slap the developer for not haveing a off swwitch for moisture detection. like what kinda morons are they selling to? cause ive never dropped a device in water, and i dont know anyone that has, its literly a non issue these days anyways electronics that get wet generally just need to dry out to work again every tech should know this

  • Patty

    I’ve never had it around moisture. It’s been on a shelf. Only used it a few times. I have it on charge the message stays on and is digging. It’s on 1% doesn’t seem to go past 1%

  • Gabriella

    I think its my charger i ignore it then it charges but over time i think my charger is just done with ignoring it and won’t charge, the charger i use is not the official amazon charger by the way,