Amazon Fire Tablet Not Charging

Is your Amazon Fire Tablet Not Charging? then you have come to the right place. Follow along as I show you How to fix the issue of your Amazon Fire Tablet not charging.

In most cases this problem can be solved by trying a few things which I will outline below. Try all the steps shown in the order given and you should have your device fully functional in no time.

The Issue:

Amazon Fire Tablet not charging when plugged in. Device shows no signs of charging or in some cases it has gone completely dead.

Video Tutorial:

See the video tutorial below and be sure to check out the channel.

How to Fix the issue of Amazon Fire Tablet not charging?

So to troubleshoot the issue where your device is not charging try the following

1.Go ahead and check your Adapter, change to a entirely new adapter or switch out the brick section and then the USB portion. Sometimes charging issues is as a result of the adapter.

2.Locate the charge port of your device and clean it. There might be lint or other material there that’s causing the device not to charge.

3.Inspect the charge port and look out for damage you may have to look into changing the charge port if damaged.

4.Check the battery it may be faulty and not holding a charge at all. Keep the device plugged in for 15 minutes and then try powering on while plugged in. If successful unplug and see if it powers off immediately which may indicate a bad battery.

Before you Go

I do hope the tips prove useful and as always please take the time now to share the guide and please let me now how things worked out in the comments.See you in the next article my friend.

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