Android 12 Green Dot Meaning

With Android 12 comes a bunch of new features and new things to learn especially on Samsung devices. You may also notice that there is a Green Dot at times beside the Battery or camera and you have no clue what it means.

This guide will explain what this green dot means and what it represents as it relates to your privacy. So follow along as I explain everything.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video guide that shows and give you more detail on this new feature of Android 12.

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What does the Green Dot mean?

Whenever you open the Camera on your device notice that a camera icon appears and then a green dot in the area beside the battery upper right. This indicates the camera is on. If you make a call or do a voice recording you will notice a Mic icon and then the green dot indicating the Mic is being accessed.

So as you can see above the icon will appear to notify you whenever your Mic and Camera is being accessed. This can be directly or through another App.

When Should I be concerned?

You should only be concerned if your Mic or Camera is being accessed and you are not using either or you are not using a feature withing another App that requires such access. This could indicate some form of third party snooping or accessing your device Mic and camera.

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