DSC Security System Beeping

Nothing can drive the occupants of a house crazier than a constantly beeping DSC Security System.It can keep you up at night, wake you from sleep, disturb your productivity as you work from home and more.

If you are suffering from such beeping hopefully my guide will help you in fixing the problem and relieve the issue to return your piece of mind.

The Issue:

Your DSC Home security system beeping every 10 seconds which is super annoying and distracting to those who can hear it. Plus its so loud and annoying and can be heard throughout the house.

Why is My DSC Security System beeping?

The beeping on your DSC Security system is a a indication of a problem the system want you to correct. This could be a Zone fault or more time than not a communication error. If the System cant connect to the base station or thinks it cant it will beep.

Sometimes it may be a random down time that will pass and the system will reconnect and stop beeping. Other times its a constant beeping that will not stop no matter how long you wait. It also could be a power issue and your system starts beeping as well or some other fault.

Video Tutorial:

Check Out my video guide on the issue. Even if your DSC System looks a bit different the code should be the same to stop the beeping.

Click Play

Check out the tutorial on the newer Power series models with a display from DSC.

Click Play to Watch

Stop DSC Security System Beeping

In order to stop the beeping there are several things you can do and below I outline each one . Its always good to call your security company or installer to advise you on whats happening or to look at your system.

1.Go to your Keypad and type: *2#.

2.Note any error codes or Zones that light up indicating a issue if any and the beeping will stop for 3 to 6 hours. You may have to enter the code again after this until the issue is fixed to have peace.

3.Another thing to try is if its a communication issue. You will need to in some conditions to Arm the System and wait a minute or two and then disable the Alarm and in some case the sending of the signal of Arming and disarming can cause the beeping to stop.

4.Wait a while in some cases it may be a communication issue that will resolve itself eventually. Also in all cases it recommended to talk to your security provider to have the issue looked at which can fix problems and have the system working fine again no issues.

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