HTC 10 Clear App Cache

Clearing App cache on the HTC 10 or other similar HTC device is a key way of fixing problems with Apps such as Apps crashing at random. No one likes when there Apps crashing and it can be equally frustrating when you don’t know the cause of the problem.

Hopefully though this guide will help in finding the route cause and fixing any problems you might have with crashing Apps or maybe you just want to clear your Apps cache.

Video Guide

See the video guide shown here that will help you in seeing just what to do.

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How to Clear HTC 10 App Cache?

In order to clear the App cache go ahead and

1.Go to your settings.

2.Now look for Apps.

3.Find the App that’s crashing.

4.Go to Storage and clear cache and then go to Manage Space and choose clear all data.Be warned that clearing all data will log you out of the App and can cause you to loose locally stored saves.

If your App backup things to the cloud you should be good though and you can log back in after. I do hope the guide proved useful. Please take the time now and share this one and please comment below as well as check out more of my articles.

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