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Finding suitable blogger templates for your blogger blog can be a hassle. Lets admit it the few default templates provided by Google are quite limited and when you are starting a blog the worst thing that you can do is choose a theme that’s being used by almost everyone. So trust me when I say that the default themes that are given are quite overused and should be ditched as soon as you setup and install your first blog.

Now if any one tells you to ditch the blogger platform and go to some other content management system, that is not necessary as we have both blogs on paid platforms such as WordPress & on blogger and when done correctly you could never tell the difference. Best of all money can be made on blogger as quite a number of people make quite decent earnings on blogger so why not find a super cool blogger themes and setup an awesome blog.Did you also know that should you choose you can keep your blog on blogger and simply buy a .com domain? yes you can, so if you are using blogger there is nothing wrong with keeping your blog there.

blogger templates

Blogger Templates

So as promised I will be providing you my valued readers with super cool blogger templates that will make your blog look very original and stylish. Best of all they are free and you can have them all, there are also paid options as well but only if you choose to get those.


Blogger Templates:


The themes or templates  I am about to reveal are from the website: TemplateTrackers, which gives these awesome blogger or blogspot templates for free, the cool thing is that they only require that you leave the link to their website that is embedded in the footer in place to give them credit for their work which is only fair. They also have a few paid version but they offer all the themes for free and there are only a handful with paid options.which also have a free version as well.So check out our best pics from their collection:

1. True Pixel

blogger templates

True Pixel Blogger Templates


The True pixel blogger themes is one of my favorites template for the blogger platform as it features a left side bar which is not so common as the right sidebar found on most templates. An image slider featuring your top posts on the main page and a search bar at the top and to the left. You can see the demo of this theme here.

2. Adorable

blogger templates

Adorable Blogger Templates


This template has the perfect name and describes this theme almost perfectly as it quite adorable and super cute, the blogger templates that comes with this one features two flavors of blue and pink. This temlate features an awesome gallery style which would work quite well for photo based websites. The gallery embedded in this template are the same as can be found on professionally created WordPress websites. So you are definitely missing nothing on blogger with a top class theme such as this.

3. Portfolio Blog

blogger templates

Portfolio Blog Blogger Templates


The portfolio template features a portfolio layout as the name suggests and pans out all your articles magazine style which can be ideal if that’s the look you are going for with your next blogger blog. The theme has a modern look and a color scheme that’s easy on the eyes which should be great for your readers as it’s not only an easy to read design but a pleasing look that should keep your visitors on the page.See the Demo here.

4. DarkWhite

blogger templates

DarkWhite blogger templates


The Darkwhite blogger themes key feature that made it a top pick for this list of templates for blogger is the fact that it has a newspaper like layout and a classic white look. Again the sidebar is to the left and the theme is fast and responsive. If you like the look be sure to check it out for your blog. See the Demo 

5. Gadget Mag

blogger templates

Gadget Mag blogger templates


Gadget Mag is by far my favorite of the Template Trackers themes and I must say these guys have done a great Job with these templates and trust me I have not seen better anywhere on the internet for Blogger templates. The Gadget Mag theme is featured in Green and is styled in a Magazine like fashion that’s just down right inviting. This could have easily been a premium themes worth hundreds of dollars but these guys are giving this one away for free believe it or not. See Demo.


How to install Blogger Templates


It’s quite easy to install any of the above Blogger Templates with a little know how and before you know it you will have a brand new template for your blog. To do this simply follow the instructions below:


1. Download any of the templates provided above and unzip the downloaded file. Inside should be one or more .xml files, you can place these files in an easy to find location such as the desktop.

2. Go to the dashboard of Blogger and  click on the drop down arrow of the blog that you want to install the theme on and select templates.

blogger templates

Install new blogger templates

3. Look for the backup/restore option in the upper right of the screen and click on it.

4. Download Full template and keep a copy in case you need to go back to the current look for some reason. Now select upload a template file from your hard drive by using the choose file button and find the .xml file that you unzipped earlier. Select upload and apply changes and that’s it the new template is loaded.

5. To see the changes simply browse or view your blog. To customize the template simply add pages,widgets  and edit the HTML code to get the theme to work as you would like.


That about sums it up readers, you now have a whole set of super cool blogger templates that are very unique, which is the first step towards a successful blog. If you would like to see the full collection of themes provided by template Trackers then see the full set here. If you have any comments please leave them below,it would be great to hear from you guys.

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