Cyber Monday HostGator Sale 2

I can’t believe its Cyber Monday already and what do you know there is a massive Cyber Monday HostGator Sale on right now which will run from Monday until Tuesday of this week. So that’s from the  28 to the 29 of November. What do you get you might ask? well like the last sale this time you get a whopping 65% off all hosting and for domains you will get those for a cheap $5.99 each.

I love Hostgator and its great to see them being festive this Holiday and giving back to you. It’s the perfect time to get a domain and hosting package for your business, Blog or personal website at a fraction of what you would normally pay.You can learn more about creating your own website here, I have outlined all the steps conveniently for you.

Cyber Monday HostGator Sale

Best Customer care ever!

They have one of the best customer care services I have ever seen. You can call them up or live chat and in short order you will get a real person online that is knowledgeable about websites that can fix any problem you might have. Personally I have had cases where they will even go beyond the call of duty and correct an issue that’s not on their side, such as with your website and not their servers. You can’t pay for such great service.

90% up time

Your website will be up most of the time. You might not know it but when things really take off for a website its loosing you money every time the website goes down and the longer its down the more lost revenue from your pocket. My websites are up most of the time and they rarely go down and that’s thanks to Hostgator ,other service providers are not as reliable.

Easy to use system

The HostGator Control panel is easy to use, everything is one click to install. You simply only need follow instructions and you are good to go. WordPress can be installed with a few clicks and your website can be up within an hour or two. You will be wondering why you did not start things off earlier.

Final Thoughts

The best thing I ever did was start my own website and chose Hostgator as my Hosting provider. I get visitors from all over the world that come to my website for guidance in Tech and Gadget related problems which I help them to solve. So let me help you solve the problem of finding the best Hosting and giving help you in saving 65% of the cost while we are at it. So go ahead and click here and purchase your first hosting package.

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