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Beats Headset is on the fast track to being one of the most popular brands of Headset on the market. This has been further cemented by Apples acquisition of Beats by Dr.Dre for a whopping 3 Billion dollars which has made the famous rapper one of the richest personalities in Rap. Seeing Apples track record a lot of public attention is now on the brand and this is bound to translate in a public bump for the branded headsets.

beats headset

beats headset by Dr.Dre

What makes this brand so popular is the stigma that’s associated with the brand and many will admit that it’s pretty good but not the best the market has to offer. But we all know having the worlds best product is only half of the entire Game. Do not get me wrong they are very nice premium headphones that you will pay top dollar for and they do deliver on quality. In reality what beats brand symbolizes is a fashion statement that you are trendy and hip.Other than to integrate beats Music streaming service, what apple is doing is to actually acquire a trusted and popular brand and use this to drive their way to further market dominance its simply genius.

The 3 Billion dollar deal

beats headset


It’s been a long month and from the early leak of the deal between Beats and Apple, to the rumors that apple was backing out of the deal its been a real roller coaster ride as the norm for deals of this nature and Magnitude. The deal closed at a final cost of 3 Billion dollars of which 2.6 is in cash and the other 400 million in stock options in Apple. The original speculated amount was 3.2 Billion but when the deals closed it was squared off to a cool 3 Billion with the Doctor leaving the deal with a new personal net worth of 780 Million.

Best Drama Stories From the deal

There was a lot of drama surrounding the deal, the first of which is the Tyrese Gibson early leaked video of the rumored deal which had the world buzzing at the proclamation of the first Billionaire of rap. The video was pulled but as always it was too late as someone grabbed a copy and re-uploaded it, in the days to follow rumors abound that the early leak had ruined the deal. Fast forward to today and the deal went through just fine despite the scare, one wonders if this was not just a carefully orchestrated marketing plot, you decide.

The second drama was when famous website servers crashed due to the massive influx of visitors wanting to get information on the deal and see Dr.Dre’s new monetary standing. Just before their servers crash due to the massive influx of visitors there were 66,150 active visitors on the website within one instant which resulted in the servers bottle necking and dying, you can read the story here. I remember checking their website that very morning only to get the message that the servers were down, never in my imagination did I think that was the cause.

Best Beats Headsets

If you have never used or owned a Beats headset before or would like to see what the hype is about check out our bests picks from beats electronics:

beats headset

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black)

beats headset

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (Black) New Version

beats headset

Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (White)
































Where does the beats brand goes from here under Apples direction only time will tell, but as you can see the brand has the potential to drive crazy market influence and I think this is a great acquisition on Apples path despite many speculating why would they pay so much for this brand, but Apple will be Apple and they are not a fortune Five hundred multi Billion dollar company for nothing. Scribble your thoughts below on the deal of a lifetime for the doctor, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “Beats Headset 3 Billion dollar Rap Revolution

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Dr Dre really cashed in. Good for him. I still remember watching the 187 video(Deep Cover soundtrack) for the first time, when him and Snoop were together and before that, all the NWA videos and albums. The man’s become a billionaire, amazing!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Well Ryan, Dr.Dre is now the Richest person in Rap, but not quite a Billionaire as he only owns a portion of beats, hes just a few Million short of the billion dollar mark. His personal net worth now stands @ 780 Million.