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In today’s exciting article I would like to teach you how to fix a water damaged phone, so if you thought your phone was done for when you accidentally dropped it in water then think again as that baby could still be alive and kicking you simply only need to know what procedures to take to revive it and get back your phone to full working condition.

What happens when a phone gets wet is that because water is running throughout the device it cause electricity to flow in weird ways and make connections that would not normally even be made in your phone such as negative and positive poles connecting, especially on areas like the battery terminals,this is what actually causing the device not to power on or to short out. Even over time it can cause corrosion to build up,the problem is that turning on your device can often fry it and cause permanent damage as a result of this water.

What you will need for this fix?

1. The Affected or water damaged phone.
2. Raw white Rice
3. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (91% could also work)

What devices this will work on?

This will work on any phone or Smartphone, you can also do the same for other gadgets around the house that become water damaged.

How to fix a phone with water damage?

how to fix a water damaged phone

Now you are going to think this method is bat S%$#t crazy but the thing is it actually works in reviving your phone.

1. Make sure your phone is off and do not try to power it up. In fact the minute it got water damage you should pull the battery to make sure the device is off and no electricity is flowing through the phone.

2. Now get a wide enough container and fill it with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and fully submerge your phone in the Alcohol, you should have removed the battery from earlier so make sure its out. Do not worry pure Alcohol like the one recommended does not conduct electricity. Remember do not get the an Alcohol that has a lesser dilution than 91% I highly recommend the 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

3. You will want to allow the phone to soak for 5 hours to a day in the solution and then get a bag or box of rice and place the phone inside the rice. Leave this for a day or so and what will happen is the rice will naturally absorb the moisture if any from the phone completely.

4. Now try to power on your phone, this should have fixed your water damaged phone and it should now power on.

Why did this work?

The trick is that water inside the circuitry of the phone is normally what causes your phone to die after accidentally falling in water. The pure Alcohol which is a nun-conductor of electricity along with the rice helps with driving the water out of your device by absorbing it. As long as nothing is fried the phone will power on fine.


1. I tried the above and it did not work.

Solution: You need to give the phone time if you rush the process it can do more harm than good or the phone wont come on.

2. It came on for a while and then its dead now.

Solution: It probably needs more time to dry, submerge in more rice or blow dry it with a blow dryer or a heat gun to get rid of any excess moisture.

3. Can I use any Alcohol?

Answer: No you can not, most normal Alcohols are diluted with water and other substances you want a pure Alcohol as possible. I suggest no less than 91% if you cannot get 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

I hope I have helped you in fixing your phone with this tutorial on How to fix a water damaged phone, I know that these gadgets are very expensive and it can actually be a big loss if you lose one due to it being damaged in water. Please free to leave a comment and let us know how things turned out.

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