How to use back Tap to Open An App

I recently did a tutorial on the Back Tap feature that’s a part of iPhone on IOS 14. In today’s tutorial I will be taking it a step further and show you How to use back Tap to Open An App.

So if you have a App such as Facebook, Instagram,Fortnite or so on that you want to open when you double or triple tap the back of your device this tutorial will show you how.

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Video Tutorial:

Watch the following Video tutorial to see what to do or continue reading.

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How to Use Back Tap to Open an App?

In order to open a App with Back Tap go ahead and

1.Go ahead and find the Shorcuts App on your device.

2.Now select the + in the upper right of the screen.

3.Select Add action.

4.Search for Open App and then choose a App. You can choose any App on your phone. In this case lets say you choose Instagram and click next.

5.Go ahead and Give the app a name I suggest the same name as the App you choose so for me in this example its: Instagram and click done when finished. You have just created a shortcut which we will use next.

6.Go to settings, Accessibility,Touch,Back Tap and choose between Double Tap or Triple Tap. Scroll all the way down to Shortcuts and choose the shortcut you just created which should have the name of your App.

In my Case that would be Instagram. Now when I double or triple Tap the back of my device on the Apple logo the App I chose or Instagram in my case will open and that’s it.

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