Zoom App Low sound Problem Fix

So I recently had the Zoom App Low sound Problem where while in a meeting the other party’s Audio was low and made it impossible to hear what was being said on my phone.

This issue may also manifest itself as distorted Audio or general switch from hearing clearly to low or even no audio in some cases. This guide will show you how to fix this on the Zoom App on your Mobile phone.

What devices does this Apply to?

This guide applies to any mobile device with the Zoom App and this problem. I personally had this on a Android phone with Zoom installed but the tips can apply to iPhone or any other phones.

Video Tutorial:

I love video guides that show you what to do and now you can watch to see what to do faster below. This guide also has everything in written form below as well.

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How to Fix this Problem?

When you are experiencing low Audio with Zoom or the other mentioned problems go ahead and:

1.In zoom tap the screen in a meeting to bring up the options and at the top left of the screen you should see a speaker option. Click the Speaker symbol once and click it again and see if the Audio returns to normal.

Sometimes toggling that option fixes the problem right away.

2.Exit the meeting, close the Zoom app in your open Apps or recent Apps and then launch again. This may refresh the App and things can start to work again such as Audio. Rebooting the phone may also help with this step.

3.Is anyone using headphones to speak and hear during the meeting this may be affecting their Audio. If the issue is with a single person have them stop using the headphones and this should also fix Audio issues with Zoom.

4.Make sure everyone is on the updated or latest version of the App this is especially so for the host of the meeting.

5.From the main screen of Zoom go to settings, meeting and check your sound related settings. For example toggle the: Use Original Sound setting to see if that helps.

One more thing

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