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This article will walk you through a easy way to trigger the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone. All you will need to do is press two buttons and have a audible SOS noise sound off and have your phone call 911 and contact any Emergency contacts you have set in your phone.

This can be a life saver in a Emergency situation that all iPhone users should know. Why? because knowing this could save your life one day.

So its a good idea to know about this feature and what to expect.

What devices does this work on?

This one works on iPhone running IOS 11 and above. This works especially well on newer devices such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and older devices. You can also expect this will work for future devices and IOS versions.

My Video Guide:

Here I walk you through everything and show you how the Emergency SOS feature works. Simply play the video to begin. Below is a written account in case you missed anything shown.

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How to Use the Emergency SOS feature on iPhone?

1.While your phone is locked or open go ahead and hold down at the same time: Power + Volume down and hold.

2.You will see the power screen with Emergency SOS and a count down will begin from Five (5).

3.Allow the count down to continue until it finishes to contact 911 and your Emergency Contacts (If any is set). A audible siren will sound from three (3) on the countdown until the end.

Please only use in a Emergency and if you are testing don’t allow the countdown to reach all the way down.

How to Set Emergency Contacts?

Now while the Emergency SOS will work without setting a Emergency Contact you can use these contacts to add a extra layer to the Emergency SOS to have people you know contacted in a Emergency.

1.Go and open the dialer.

2.Go to the Contacts tab.

3.Use search and search for a contact and click.

4.Tap on the option: Add to Emergency Contacts and fill out the relation to you and then add on the other screen.

The contact will now have a special red symbol and marked as a Emergency contact. You can also have several Emergency contacts set at once.

One more thing

So that’s how to use the Emergency SOS feature on iPhone’s. You can now rest easy that in a emergency you can with the press of a button get help.

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