Green Screen Galaxy S10 Fix 2

I would like to show you what you can do in case you are having the problem of a Green Screen Galaxy S10. This guide will show you exactly how you can fix the problem and get back full functionality of your device.

The Green Screen problem can happen at random and affect you accessing your device as normal.

Do note that the same will apply to any version of Android or Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S20, S8 and even the Note line of devices.

The problem is consistent across devices and if you use Android long enough you are bound to run into the problem.

How do I fix this Problem of a Green Screen Galaxy S10?

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To fix the problem follow the directions below and you should be able to fix your problem.

1.When you are experiencing the problem go ahead and Hold down Power + Volume up. Hold until your screen goes black and your device vibrates.

Let go when the phone vibrates. Your phone will reboot and the problem in most cases will go away. Test your phone by using it as normal, closing and opening your phone and setting new Home and lock screen wallpaper will be a good test.

2.If the problem returns try adjusting the screen brightness above half and see if that improves things or fixes the problem. (Disable Adaptive brightness and keep phone at one high brightness level) Also remember to reboot after this.

3.Backup your device and go to settings, general management and do a reset or Factory Reset (This will Erase or Wipe your Phone). Doing this will wipe your device. This in most cases should fix any software problems.

If you did this and your phones updated to the latest Samsung or Android updates then you should be good.

4.If the problem continues then based on what you did above you most likely have hardware problems and your display is defective or faulty in some way. It will have to be replaced or checked to make sure everything is connected and working well.

Also check out this problem with a faded display that similar, the tips may also help as shown there.

If your device was dropped then this could be the source of the problem. It could also be that the display has developed an issue over time and will need replacing. Either way you will need to have the display replaced or looked at.

You Know what to do now:

Go ahead and share my guide and comment below and ask any question you may like, I might be able to help you out directly. As always thanks for dropping bye.

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