Samsung Galaxy Display Looks Faded Problem Fix

This article will be a Look at the Samsung Galaxy Display Looks Faded Problem and what you can do to fix it. I had this problem popup on my device of 2 years just recently which was reliable before and it had not been dropped or anything and all of a sudden I got the fading of the display.

This guide will walk you through all you can do to fix this problem and get your device back up and working. I suggest that you follow the tips as they are given below and you should be good to go in terms of solving this issue.

What devices could this problem affect?

From what I have experienced this can happen on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Tablet or other devices. This may included devices such as the Galaxy S20,Galaxy S21,Galaxy S10,Galaxy S9, Note line of devices and older as well as newer devices on the market. So general conclusion is that any device may be affected by this.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video below to learn what to do in order to fix the issue or continue reading.

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How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Display Looks Faded Problem?

In order to Fix the Faded Display I suggest that you do the following.

1.Go ahead and Turn up the brightness on your display above the half way mark. While the display is faded you should be able to navigate and do this.

In some cases this may help out to fix or improve things. With the display at half brightness or above turn off the automatic adaptive brightness and never set it to low again or below half.It can be higher but not lower as the problem will come back. Also don’t change it all and leave it at that one level you are good with. Use step 2 below to return the screen to normal.

2.Also try holding down Volume down + Power button at the same time. Keep holding until the display goes black and you feel a vibration which is indication you should let go of the buttons.

When the device boots up again go ahead and test to see if the fading is gone. It may return even if this seems to fix the problem but wait and see by testing for a long while. Try locking and opening your device and changing lock screen wallpaper.

3.If the above did not solve the problem go ahead and backup your smartphone. Now go to settings, General Management and reset from here wipe or factory reset your device by choosing the option that correspond. In some cases wiping your device should fix the problem.

4.If wiping or resetting your phone did not work there is still a chance. Go ahead and go to settings, Software update and update your smartphone to the latest version. If your device was not updated for some reason for a long time that could be the cause. Go ahead and update your device.

Don’t stop until you get all updates or even if the issue shows up while you are updating. This can fix the problem in some cases as updates contain bug fixes.

5.If all else fails the issue might be the display of your phone being faulty or something is loose. have someone or a technician look at your phone and fix it.

That’s it one of the above should fix your problem.

What Caused this Problem?

In my experience the problem can be caused by but not limited to
1.You dropped your phone.
2.Your phone has not been updated in months for some reason and you don’t have the latest software and bug fixes.
3.Damaged or faulty display that happens naturally over time or it came with the fault.

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