Scan QR Codes Galaxy A70

One of the thing that the Galaxy A70 can do that’s pretty handy is to scan QR codes.This guide will show you how to Scan QR Codes Galaxy A70.

I will provide two easy to follow method that you can use to easily read a QR code where ever you may find it. This can be printed somewhere in real life or even on your phone.

What devices does this Apply to?

This guide will apply to the Galaxy A70. It can by extension be used too on other A series devices and Samsung as well as Android phones.

How to Read QR codes on the Galaxy A70?

1.Go ahead and make sure your phones updated. Go to settings,software update and finally download and install.

2.Once your software is updated then from the Home screen swipe down from the top of the screen to open notifications area.

3.Swipe down again and look for Scan QR code option. This is the built in QR code scanner.

4.Point it at a QR code and it will scan it and open the link or read the message.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video guide by clicking play below.

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Method 2

1.Launch Google Play Store.

2.Search for Free QR code scanner.

3.Download one that you like.

4.Launch and scan QR code easily.

5.The QR code scanner you choose may vary but the better ones allows you to choose a QR code Image from your gallery.

One more thing:

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