Samsung TV Screen Mirroring with Samsung Phone

So If you have a newer Samsung Smart TV one of the features you should definitely use is the screen Mirroring. This feature is really goo and you can use it to mirror your phone to the TV.

My guide will break down the process and make it very simple for you. In the Guide I will be using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and a Samsung Series 6 Smart TV, do note this will work for any Samsung TV that you may have.

What Can I do with this Feature?

What cant you do with this feature. I will use a example. I was able to on Vacation view the Pictures we took during the day while exploring. Watch videos we recorded and even cast App to the large screen including YouTube to watch Video if the TV is not connected to the Internet.

I am sure you will find lots of other cool things to as well. I do hope you enjoy the Guide.

Video Tutorial

This is my video Tutorial that takes you through the steps.

Click Play

How to Screen Mirroring to Samsung TV with Samsung Phone?

To Screen Mirror Your Android or Samsung phone to your Samsung TV do the following

1.On your Samsung TV click Source on the TV Remote.

2.Select Screen Mirroring from the Control Menu.

3.On your Samsung Phone from the home screen swipe down from the Top of the screen Twice to select your Toggles and find and select:Smart View.

4.Detect Your TV and select it.

5.Your phones display will be on the TV and you can now view your Pictures,Videos,Apps and more on the TV.

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