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This is for anyone that want to have a unique ringtone for Telegram that’s different from the one that’s set for regular calls. This can be a easy way to tell when a Telegram call is coming in from other calls.

I will break down the process and walk you through what to do in my guide seen here. Also if you don’t have a ringtone I will show you how to get some good one as easily.

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I love the ease of showing what to do in a video which will walk you through how to change the Ringtone on Telegram.

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How to Change Telegrams Ringtone?

1.Launch Telegram and click the three lines upper left.

2.Click on settings.

3.Now go to Notifications and Sounds.

4.Look under calls section and click on: Ringtone.

5.Your Ringtones will show up under the Custom section for those that you have downloaded. You can also choose any of the others that’s a default on your phone.

How to Get Ringtones?

To get Ringtones I usually use the Zedge App that can be found in the Google Play-store. Its easy to download and finding and downloading ringtones and setting them is very simple.

Also note that getting ringtones on the iPhone the process is different and much easier on Android.

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2 thoughts on “How to Change Ringtone in Telegram

  • Feetay

    Hi Ricardo, I have now set up a custom ringtone thanks. Next question then is there a way to assign a custom notification sound? I downloaded a couple from Zedge as you recommended but on my phone I can only select from a list of the standard alert tones. Android 10.

    Thanks for your help.👍

    • Ricardo Post author

      Yes you should be able to set any downloaded tone as your phones default ring or set them on a App by App basis such as for Telegram. The defaults should show up in the selection as well as the downloaded ones. Make sure when selecting the option if you are given the choice between your device and Zedge try both options as sometimes you may not be able to set it from the phone but through the app.