Etekcity LED Light Bulb Not connecting or seeing WiFi Fix

Etekcity LED Light Bulb Not connecting or seeing WiFi Fix will show you how to deal with the situation where you are trying to setup your new EtekCity Bulbs but they refuse to see the WiFi Network and constantly fail the setup process.

I must say that this one is a real deal breaker and I tried to setup the WiFi Smart bulb several times and it failed each time to see either of my WiFi networks.

The Issue in detail:

I have a Smart LED Soft White Dimmable Light Bulb ESL100. Each Time I attempt setup it fails to see any WiFi network I have. I actually have several WiFi connections. The setup process is unable to complete each time and I cant use the smart features of the Bulb.

How to Fix the Issue?

In order to Fix the issue

1.Launch the VeSync App.

2.Click the + icon and choose lighting.

3.Find your Smart Bulb by name in my case I have a :Smart LED Soft White Dimmable Light Bulb ESL100.

4.Now is the key to the Fix: Choose the nearest bulb to the one above which in my case is: Etekcity Cool-to-Warm White Light Bulb ESL100CW Series. The WiFi will be detected and the setup will complete.

So that was how I was able to connect mine as the process would not complete until I used the one closest to my actual bulb. I do hope this helped someone out and that the guide was useful.

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