How to Block Someone on Signal

This is a guide on How to Block Someone on Signal. The process is easy and once you know how you will have the power to block annoying contacts.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a situation where you cant operate as you need to. This feature allows you to really take control of your signal account.

What devices does this Apply to?

This guide will work for the Signal App for Android or IOS. Please take the time and try it out on your signal app.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

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How its done?

1.First launch Signal.

2.Click the three dots upper right and go to settings.

3.From here go ahead and go to Privacy.

4.Scroll down and go to Block Users.

5.Click on Add Block User text and choose a contact from your phone to block and they will be added to the block list. Once you are finished you can exit or click unblock on a contact to unblock them.

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