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So if you are experiencing a Black Screen on your TV set you follow this tutorial.I will show you on any TV how to fix your Black Screen or Blank Screen issue. The reasons for this problem can be varied but the symptoms of the issue are more or less consistent as described below.

Black Screen Problem on your TV

When experiencing the Black screen problem on a TV the display will remain black or black especially in TV mode for Smart TV sets. You may or may not have audio in some cases. There is often no text but in some cases there may be some text such as identifying the Input you are on such as HDMI 1 or so.

Nothing will show especially if you have a cable box, satellite TV or Gaming console connected. Smart TV center may or may not work but the display will remain black when there should be a picture or video.

Quick Checks Before the Actual Fix

Sometimes a TV may seem like its having a Black Screen issue but its not. Here are some quick things to try before trying the fix.

1. Make sure your TV is on the correct input for the connected device. If your TV is on the wrong input this may cause a blank screen that may seem like a black screen.

2.Make sure the connected device is powered on such as cable box, Gaming console.

3.Make sure the HDMI cable from the device you have connected is actually plugged in both to TV and console or device.Also make sure the cable is good and is not defective.

4.Make sure the connected device is not asleep such as a Computer.

5.Turn the TV off and on using the remote.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial below that shows you how to fix this problem in detail or continue reading.

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How to Fix TV Black Screen:

You will need to do the following

1.First thing you should do is power off the TV with the remote, unplug the TV from the wall and then press and hold the power button on the TV for 60 seconds. When finished plug the TV back in and power it up again.

This will fix the problem in some cases and if this fails try again and hold the power button a bit longer. If you have the time leave the TV plugged out over night and doing this power cycle can fix the problem in some situations.

2.Try to bring up the Smart TV smart Menu or Home screen. Click Home on your remote. If the Smart Home still works simply go to settings and search for a Memory Usage app and clear the TV Memory or RAM. Go ahead and power the TV on and off with the remote when finished and this may help.

If your TV does not have a default Memory or RAM manager then try downloading one. You can also do this manually by finding the App that are running in the background even when closed and force stop the app.If a app triggers the black screen you can target that app or those Apps.

3. Go to the Smart TV Home and go to your Apps and update all your Apps and uninstall any App that may have bugs or are unnecessary. The more resources your TV has free the better it will operate. If a specific app is causing the problem uninstall it totally if possible.

4.You may have to in extreme conditions Reset your TV back to factory setting which will erase all apps you have installed yourself and only leave everything you had out the box when you first powered the device up.

Thats it

Well I hope I covered everything. If you have a question or have a tip then leave a comment. I also have other tips just for you my friend so check out more articles.

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  • Rob S.

    If it’s strictly a software issue, then it’s easy enough to fit a black screen on a TV, especially when it comes to smart TVs that are commonplace these days. Hardware issues are definitely trickier, which would require a specialist.