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My guide will show you How to Clear Memory JVC Smart TV. This will done with the built in Memory usage App that built into the JVC Smart TV. This app clears the Apps that’s loaded into the TV Memory.

This guide makes specific reference to the JVC JVC LT-49KC485 FHD LED SMART TV but may also apply to other TV sets as well especially from JVC.

How is this Useful?

This is useful as it can really make your TV operate faster by clearing the RAM. It can also be used to fix issues in general where you are having functionality issues with your TV. Usually its a good trouble shooting tip to clear Memory and then power the TV on and off after.

Video Tutorial:

This one is a video tutorial that will show you the exacts details of what to do.

Click Play

How to Use the Clear Memory Feature on JVC TV?

So in order to use the clear Memory feature

1.Click the menu button on your remote.

2.Go to Memory usage.

3.Go ahead and look at the memory graph and see how much memory is being used up. Go ahead and click: Click to free up .

4.The memory of the TV is now free and I find power the TV on and off really helps after this.

Thats it and how its done you can solve lots of problems with your TV using this method. Go ahead and please share the guide and please comment below with your comments.

This method can also work with other TV sets as well which have a memory clearing feature or you can force stop running apps or install a memory manger app.

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  • Ms. Thomas

    I own a JVC 70″ Class 4K UHD 2160p Roku Smart TV LT-70MAW795. The TV is only 2 years old and the screen is completely black. I can hear sounds when clicking my remote but television flashes a Roku logo or flashes a white light sometimes. I wanted to know if there is a memory feature in this tv that could be causing the problem.