How to Hard Reset Alcatel Phone

So today’s guide will show you How to Hard Reset Alcatel Phone. This one applies to any Alcatel Smartphone that you may have and by extension to other Android devices as well.

In general resetting your device by Android recovery can be one of the best ways to solve a bunch of issues with your device, Also bear in mind as well that this will erase your device. It will also return your device to a factory state or the way it was out of the box the first time you got it.

Video Tutorial:

So this is my Video tutorial that shows everything you will need to know to do a Factory data reset or hard reset on your Alcatel device.

Click Play

Reset a Alcatel Smartphone

So in order to reset your Alcatel smartphone

1.Go ahead and turn your Smartphone off.

2.Press and hold volume up and Power at the same time.

3.When you see the first logo on screen let go of power and keep holding volume up.

4.Your device will come to a screen for you to choose a language. Use volume up and down to move and power to select from here. Select English or your preferred language.

5.In the next menu go ahead and select the :Wipe data Factory Reset. On the next screen confirm the option to delete.

You can reboot when done and don’t worry if startup takes a bit longer as this if natural after this process.

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