How to Exit JVC TV Safe Mode 4

My guide will show you How to Exit JVC TV Safe Mode in case your TV is stuck in Safe mode. This will also apply to any other Android based Smart TV as well seeing they should have similar setup.

When your TV is stuck in safe mode you will know as there will be a safe mode mark that appears over everything in the lower left side of the screen at all times. Weather browsing menus or watching TV shows and so on.

How to Fix this issue?

To fix this problem go ahead and do the following.

1.Get your remote.

2.Press and hold power for a few seconds.

3.A power menu will appear with some options.

4.Choose Reboot.

The TV will go through the full power cycle and then power up and the safe mode water mark will be gone.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video guide and see how everything is done.

Why was my TV in safe mode?

The reason your TV was in safe mode was because some one activated the mode most likely without realizing it. Can be tricky to exit as as it is in most cases not as simple as turning the TV on and off as normal.

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