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This guide will show you how to fix the Soap Opera Effect on Samsung TV. The tips here can also be applied to other TV sets as well. So if you are facing the soap Opera effect on your TV set then this will definitely fix it fully.

Trust me I have done this on countless TV sets that I have owned and for friends at Home, Motels and even Hotels.

What is the Soap Opera Effect?

The Soap Opera Effect is when your TV is showing Movies and TV shows and they look like they were recorded with a common Video Camera. In other words it can make a Movie or Black Buster Movie look Fake or too real looking or life like.

How to Fix Soap Opera Effect on Your TV?

I will be making direct reference to Samsung TV but I will also show you what to do look for on other brands as well.

1.Get your TV Remote and go to Menu.

2.Next select Picture.

3.Now go to Expert settings.

4.Next select: Auto Motion Plus settings and turn it off.

Note: Most TV with change the name of the settings but it usually has something with Motion in the name and the description of the setting usually indicates that it improves fast moving pictures example in sports and so on.

Video Tutorial:

Check out the my video that shows everything on how to fix this problem.

Click Play

Why did this Happen?

Well the setting Auto Motion Plus or whatever else its called is meant to improve picture quality. It works well for sporting events but little else in my opinion. TV manufacturers tend to leave the feature on out the box but most people hate it.

As you see it makes Movies and TV Shows look fake or really weird including animated movies. You may even think something is wrong with your TV.

Finally Fixed?

Go back to your movie and notice now that it looks normal as it should once the settings above is turned off, refreshing isn’t it?If you think so then comment below and let me know. You can also share this with a friend with another TV set with the same issue.

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2 thoughts on “Soap Opera Effect on Samsung TV

  • Gordon Brown

    My husband hated his new TV…said all his favourite vintage movies looked like they were filmed in a studio…so thanks to you….we adjusted it now and turned off the motion setti g….Happy hubby. Only thing it’s a little dark on the screen now…but sure we can adjust.

    • Ricardo Post author

      I am very happy that you and your husband found the solution worked for you. I am sure you can tweak the back light settings and/or the brightness settings which should yield improvements on the darkness. Have a God blessed day you and your husband miss Gordon Brown.