Images Not Uploading WordPress for Posts

If you are trying to upload a image to WordPress and in the process you find that you cant as the Image is not uploading this guide will help you. I have had this happen a few times and its always in the worst time possible.

It can really put a damper on things when you want to finish a article or post and get it published. My guide will show my usual steps I go with to solve this issue when it occurs.

Why did this Happen?

This happens for various issues which can include a error in WordPress or related to your internet connection. So follow the tips below to know what to do now.

How to Fix the Problem?

Do this in the order given to fix the issue with your WordPress

1.Check your Internet connection for issue and try again.

2.Change the Image you want to upload or the File Format. The issue may be the Image itself.

3.Save and close the Article or Post you are working again and try uploading again.

4.Try uploading the file directly to the media folder from outside the article.

5.Log into your website from another browser and try again.

6.Try clearing website cache and update plugins.

Before you Go

That should fully do it for fixing the problem. Please share the guide, comment and check out my other articles I have on the blog.

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