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If any Amazon Tablet you current have is suffering from the Black Screen Problem then do the following to Fix it. My guide will walk you through everything you can do to Fix the Amazon Fire Tablet Black Screen Problem.

This issue plagues Tablets from time to time and makes them unusable when it does happen. So this guide will help in remedying that.

The Issue:

When a Tablet suffers from Black Screen problems you will find that the display goes completely black. Also you will find that you may hear in some cases sound from the device but nothing from the display. This issue can happen at random to Any Amazon Tablet including the Amazon Fire Tablet 7,8 or 10.

Video Tutorial

Watch my video tutorial and see how its done.

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How to Fix the Problem?

In order to fix the problem of a Black Screen Issue on the Amazon Fire Tablet do the following.

1.Go ahead and locate the Volume up button and the power button on your device.

2.Hold down both buttons for about 30 seconds, let go if you see a logo on the display. If the device does not startup go ahead and let go of the buttons and press power for about 5 seconds and let go.

3.The tablet should startup. If it does not try the procedure at least two more times before quitting.


If all else fails then go ahead and try the following

1.Go ahead and allow the battery to drain from the tablet. Give it a few days.

2.Hold down the power button for 1 minute.

3.Now attempt to charge the device.

4.Try powering on as normal. This should in some cases fix the issue.

Before You Go

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