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As of the latest update of the iCSee App that used to control my IP PTZ Camera I find that the App on Launch has a splash screen that defaults to Ads.

The Ad is shown on the startup screen before you can go to the App. The Ads it displays are from Google and it seems the developers of the App have added the Ads maybe as a test or something recently.

The thing is though it can be turned off and I will show you How to turn off the feature. So follow along as I show you how to do just that.

Video Guide:

I did this video guide to walk you through what to do to fix this problem.

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How to Remove the ADs from the iCSee App?

So the ads are from Google and the publishers of the App seemed to have added it. They also added the ability to turn it off although they hid it in settings.

1.Launch the iCSee App and login.

2.From the devices page click on your Me profile lower right.

3.Go to Tools.

4.Now turn off the option for: Google Adverting.

5.Now close the App and reopen again and the Ads should be gone. In some cases you may have to clear the cache and reboot the phone. Clearing cache can be done in tools as well.

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