Moisture Detected S22 Ultra Fix {Works for S20,S21,S22 Series}

So if you own the Galaxy S22 series which includes the S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra and by extension the S20 series and S21 series then this will work in fixing the Moisture Detected Warning.

If you are experiencing this problem on your Samsung Galaxy S22 then the tips shown here will help you in bypassing the problem so your phone can charge again and eventually fix your problem fully.

Video Tutorial:

This is my video tutorial that shows all you need to know in resolving or fixing your Moisture detected problem.

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How to Fix Moisture Detected Warning?

So in in order to fix or get rid of the Moisture detected warning on your S22 do the following

1.Go ahead and get a piece of toilet Paper and clean the charge port. The Tissue or toilet paper will absorb any moisture from the charge port. You can see if this fixes the problem.

2.This one is a Bypass to get your S22 charging again:Simply power off the S22 and place the charger at the opening of the charge port but do not plug it in and be ready, power on the phone and soon as you see the Samsung logo go ahead and plug the phone in.

The phone will charge once it powers on and that it for a means of charging again.

3.Also if you have a wireless charger the phone will charge despite the Moisture Detected Warning. Simply place your phone of the charging pad surface and it will charge.

4.Also see the last two Apps you installed and uninstall them, doing so usually solves the problem in some cases easily. The last App you installed can be the cause, in such a case find a alternative.

5.Go to settings,Apps and show System Apps and then search for USB setting and clear the cache and data and then reboot your phone which may help in fixing the problem.

6.Try booting into Safe Mode and see if the error disappears and if so it may be software based in which case try backing up and doing a reset as it may help but should only be a last resort.

Did that Help?

So did the tips shown here help you? Please share your experience in the comments and do check out even more of my guides and tutorials.

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