Galaxy S10 One UI 4.1 Update

So its finally here the Galaxy S10 One UI 4.1 Update. Galaxy S10 users should be quite excited as this update brings with it all the cool features of One UI 4.1 that’s featured on devices such as the Galaxy S22 which came with this update out the box.

The update ads a lot of functionality to your Galaxy S10 and can even make holding unto your S10 Plus for example that much longer worth it. I really love the update and the addition of the this updates ads much functionality.

Video Review:

Here is my quick look and impressions of the One UI 4.1 update on the Galaxy S10 Plus and what I like and think.

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My Thoughts on the Update:

I really love the One UI 4.1 update for the Galaxy S10 Plus and the rest of the S10 series. If one were still waiting before an Upgrade of their device this would be a great reason to hold unto the S10 that much longer.

I find that a lot of the key software improvement have been added to the S10. My favorite that’s been added is the Shadow, Object Eraser, Smart Widgets and the many UI tweaks that makes the One UI 4.1 one of the best update to date.

I was not expecting this update and I am really happy the Galaxy S10 is still one of the best devices Samsung has ever made and this update only makes that even more true even after all these years later.


If you have not check yet see if this update is available and enjoy some of the many software improvements. You will love the newer features and you can see some of the features that were once only on the newer devices. A little late but who can complain.

I love the update and the only reason to upgrade now would be the improved hardware, screen resolution and new features that added hardware would provide such as zoom lens of a newer model.

If you have any questions or feedback please let me hear it in the comments and please take the time to see more articles as always.

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