Power Saving Mode S22

The power saving mode that’s built into the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a very cool way of saving power with a click of a button. It throttles the CPU speed of your device and reduce some functionality in order for you to get the most out of your battery.

This is a great way if you have a limited charge remaining and you are not near a outlet you can easily make the most of the remaining power you have.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial and see how its done on your phone step by step.

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Power Saving Mode

In order to activate Power Saving Mode do the following

1.Go to your Home Screen.Next go to the Notifications area by swiping down and swiping down again to access the Quick toggles.

2.Now find Power Saving Mode and turn on the Feature on by clicking the Icon.

3.You can click the Text and details to customize the option.

4.Once the feature is on a battery with a triangle will appear and you can turn off the feature by doing the above again to turn it off.

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