YouTube Comments Not showing Up Fix

At the time of putting this article together the YouTube comments not showing up and this is a potential help article to assist those that may be experiencing the problem.

Do note that this issue can be as a result of a random problem at Google as is the case of the day this article is being put together and Google is most likely working on the issue and the comments will be back up soon. You can verify this by searching Google search with the date of today and is comments down on YouTube.

You will surly get an Answer. Other wise it may be a case with your device and its best to rule that out as well. Below is all you can do.

Video Guide:

See My video Guide below that will walk you through the process.

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How to fix the YouTube Comments Not Showing up if its your device?

In this case do the following:

1.Minimize the App and close it from the background and try launching again.

2.Close the App and Reboot the phone and then see if that doe the trick.

3.Go to settings, Apps and search for YouTube or YouTube Studio depending on where the problem is and storage,then clear the cache and reboot the phone.

4.One final thing to try is to switch Internet connections and see if that helps.

Those on PC, Laptop or Desktops

The principle is the same for a desktop.

1.Close your Browser.

2.Reboot your PC or Laptop.

3.Clear the Browser Cache or try another Browser.

4.Switch Internet connections.

If all else fails then you might its most likely a Google problem and I suggest that you wait a hour or two until the problem is solved and it should rectify itself.

I Hope you found this useful? Please share your feedback in the comments and feel free to check out even more of our cont as always my friend thanks for reading.

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