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In today’s tutorial I will show you how to get Free Movies on your TCL TV. Providing that your TCL TV is a Smart TV you will be able to get free Movies,Documentaries, TV series and so on.

Best part is that its all free and you can do this on any TCL TV that you may have. So be sure to give your feedback and comments below.

Video Tutorial

Below is my video tutorial that explains everything and shows you what to do.

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How to get free Movies TCL TV?

Now you may not be aware but TCL has provided free TV Movies to the its users if you know where to find it.

1.On your Home screen as a part of your Apps find the: TCL Channel App.

2.Launch this app.

3.Agree to the terms of service to have access.

4.Notice you have a whole bunch of movies and so on to choose from.

The App and its features are easy to miss and you may not have even known about it. You already have a TCL account on setting up your TV and you can easily enjoy lots of content.

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