Easily Manage App Permissions on Android 12 and above

App permissions on Android as well as Samsung devices can be hard to wrap ones head around completely. At any given time several Apps can have access to an part of your device such as Camera, Call Log, Contacts and much more.

With App permissions as I will be showing in this guide there is a easy and comprehensive method to control App permissions in a single list that comprehensively covers everything.

What devices does this Apply?

My guide applies to Android devices especially those from Samsung that you may own with Android 12 and above.Feel Free to give the guide a try on your particular device.

Video Guide

This is my Video guide or tutorial that will show you all you need to know on managing app permissions on your Android device or Samsung smartphone.

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How to Easily Manage App Permissions on Android 12?

In order to Manage App permission on your Android device in a Easier and more comprehensive manner instead of a App by App basis

1.Go to settings.

2.Next select Privacy.

3.Then finally go to Permission Manager.

4.You will now see every area of your device and the amount of apps that have permission. You can now easily select for example the Camera and see all apps that have access and that have requested Access in the past.

You can also grant or revoke said access as needed. If you found this useful please share in the comments and feel free to share or check out even more of our guides.

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