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If you have used any Samsung Galaxy S22 or Samsung newer devices for long you will realize a new security feature that prevents you form power off without the password.

Depending on the situation you may not have the password or want to put it in. In my guide I will show you how to power off each time without needing to enter your password.

Video Guide

Below you can find my video guide that will show you how to Turn Off S22 Without Password.

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Turn Off S22 Without Password

In order to do this on your S22, S22 Plus or the S22 Ultra

1.Go ahead and go to the power menu. You can do this by swiping down from the Home screen twice and click the power button icon upper right.

2.Now click Power off. The device will ask for the Password.

3.Hold Down Power + Volume down at the same time until the phone powers off.

That’s it the phone will power off and not require the password as it indicated it needed to power off. You can use this to solve several issues especially when entering the password would be impossible.

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