Disable Talkback S22

So if your Samsung Smartphone is suddenly talking everything you click on screen and you cant seem to navigate properly as normal then follow this guide to fix your S22 or other Samsung by Disabling Talkback now.

So to disable Talkback on your device you will need to know a few things that’s outlined below. Please feel free to also leave your feedback.

The Issue:

This feature is meant to help those who cant see the display properly and is meant to operate the screen basically without looking at it. Most people find it an issue when their device is not operating as normal. Especially when its turned on in error and they cant get out of the feature or navigate their device as normal.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the Video tutorial and leave your feedback as well my friend.

Click Play

How to Disable Talkback Feature?

In order to disable the Talkback feature do the following

1.In order to Navigate with Talkback on: Use two fingers to scroll,Tap once to select,Double Tap to select and its better to tap once to highlight and then double tap to select.

2.Use the Navigation tips above and go to settings.

3.Go to Accessibility .

4.Select Talkback and at the top of the screen where it says On turn the feature off.

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