Samsung Phone Acting Weird Unresponsive Fix

This one is a fix that I had to do after seeing a acquaintance of mine that had a Samsung phone that would suddenly start acting weird and unresponsive.

To be exact when he wanted to show me some pictures from is Gallery he was able to go to all is Apps but each time he tried to scroll down the phone would lag and delay scroll. When he finally clicked on an App or Gallery it would not click and simply jitter a bit.

It would still scroll but kind of freeze up when something was to be selected. This is how I was able to get the phone responsive again and it started to work.

Whats Happening here?

In this case you can clearly see that the phone has been in use for a long time and over time its has been bogged down with all sorts of App and junk files from normal use. The phone is also most likely only used and never been cleaned in terms of the software on the device.

Video Guide:

See my video guide below that will show you what to do.

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How the Phone was Fixed?

In such a case here is what to do

1.In such a case to regain functionality by rebooting the phone. Chances are its been on for Months without a reboot. The phone always start working again to a good degree when you do this.

2.In Samsung phones go to Battery and device care and optimize your device.

3.Uninstall any unnecessary or unused Apps.

4.Free up space by deleting unneeded pictures or files of your phone.

Doing the above is always great for having your phone back to normal and working in a responsive manner. In extremely bad situations you will need to backup and reset your phone.

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